St Joe’s Big Band

As Australia’s oldest band St Joe’s has been an integral part
of the Launceston community since 1845. It began life as
the St Joseph’s Total Abstinence Society - a group charged
with the aim of reducing drinking in the colonial settlement of
Launceston by providing entertainment through music.

St Joe's, around the 1920's.

Attached to St Joseph’s Church, where the Church of Apostles
now stands, St Joe’s continued to have an association with
the Catholic Church until well into the twentieth century. St
Joe’s has undergone many changes during its lifetime. From
the late 1970's through most of the 1980's it introduced the
concept of the concert band into Launceston. It has now
transformed into a vibrant big band with a unique sound. The
music stems from the greats like Count Basie, Cole Porter to
Duke Ellington and also merges, with the talent of some amazing
vocalists, beautiful lyrics from Jazz classics to soulful Blues.